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Balloons 101

What are your balloons are made of?
While some people think they're made of magic, our latex balloons are actually made in the USA from the highest quality 100% latex.   Latex is a natural substance that breaks down and biodegrades over time.  Foil balloons are made from mylar and are not eco-friendly.

How will my balloons arrive?
Your balloons will be shipped to you flat. If you live near us in Frankfort, IL we can inflate the balloons for you or you can pick them up flat.  If you'd like to order helium-filled balloons, please fill out the inquiry form here.

If you are picking up balloons, please understand the following policies:

  • If the balloons are in good condition when you pick them up, we will not be liable for them popping or deflating once they leave our care.  (We've had kids pop the balloons with swords, balloons bang against nails in the walls or pop because they brushed against dry, sharp grass - none of these are the fault of the balloon or their inflation.)
  • Balloons should not sit in a hot car
  • Balloons should be picked up or delivered as close to your event time as possible.  We do not guarantee float times at all, but can offer the following estimates.
  • Balloons may pop like popcorn if exposed to direct sunlight, humidity, or harsh weather conditions.
  • If you're picking up balloons, please bring your largest car, cleared of as much clutter as possible, with seats down or the trunk cleared.  Balloons are staticky and we promise that any stray dog hairs, confetti, or crumbs will stick to them!
  • If your balloons included a deposit, please return the stand so we can refund your deposit!
  • We do not offer any refunds on inflated balloons.  

How long will my balloons last with helium?
Unfortunately, probably not as long as you'd think.  Helium is a smaller molecule than air (which is why it's lighter and floats!) - but it can escape through the pores of natural latex, which is why they deflate.  We can extend the float time with an additive called Hi-Float for an additional charge.  We always recommend pickup up your balloons as close to your event time as possible.  If that is not possible, we would recommend an air-filled balloon garland or column instead.

Balloon Type Size Estimate Float Time
Mini Latex 5"-7" not intended to float
Standard Latex 11" 7-10hrs
Medium Latex 16" 10-12hrs
Large Latex 24" 12-15hrs
Jumbo Latex 36" 15-20hrs
Standard Latex, Confetti 11" 7-10hrs
Jumbo Latex, Confetti 36" 15-20hrs
Foil Heart or Star 18" 2+ days
Foil Jumbo Heart or Star 36" 2+ days
Foil Jumbo Numbers 34"-40" 2+ days
Foil Large Shapes Varies 2+ days
Orbs 16"-21" 2+ days
Please note these are estimates only and we do not guarantee helium float times. We strongly suggest inflating balloons with helium as close to your event as possible. 


How should I care for my balloons?  Balloons are finicky; They do not like heat or humidity, bright sun, wind or major changes in temperature.  They can also be affected by different altitudes!  Try to place them in a temperature-regulated area, out of direct sunlight for the happiest balloons and longest float time.

Can you tell me how many balloons to order?  We like to do balloons in odd numbers, but other than that, it just depends how big of a statement you'd like to make!  For balloon garlands, we recommend you order 10 balloons per linear foot of garland.  If you end up with too many, you can always scatter them on the floor for extra fun!  Please note, you can not return latex balloons.

If I order flat balloons, how much will it cost to inflate them?
That depends on the size of the balloon, and where you get them inflated.  Helium is much more expensive than most people realize, and since it's a naturally occurring gas, sometimes hard to come by at all.  Luckily, we have other options when helium is unavailable.  Air-filled balloons can be hung from the ceiling with hang-tabs, can be made into a balloon garland, or we can make balloon columns or arches without the use of helium.  Finally, balloon sticks are a super fun way to place balloons around the yard with just air!

WARNING: Balloons are not toys. Children can choke or suffocate on non-inflated or broken balloons. Adult supervision is required. Keep non-inflated balloons away from children, and discard broken balloons immediately.