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Shop Sweet Lulu is an online boutique specializing in high-quality, on-trend partyware sourced from around the globe. My name is Jessie Senese, and you’ve found yourself in my wonderland.

Shop Sweet Lulu was born in my home office in the summer of 2010. Named after my daughter Olivia (Lulu),  the shop simply carries things that make a party pretty; things that are so lovely or charming or sweet that they make me squeal when I discover them.

It seemed right to name my company after my daughter, since she was the reason I started throwing parties in the first place. For her first birthday, in the summer of 2001, I took months of cake decorating classes to make her the perfect Pink Ruffle Cake, armed with a photo torn out of the pages of Martha Stewart Baby magazine (I still possess every issue ever published!), and a chocolate ganache cake for the guests. I designed and created the party invitations, the party favors, a crazy candy centerpiece, made the food, and sewed Olivia a party dress out of thai silk - without a pattern. It was the perfect creative outlet for me.

As the first boutique party store of its kind, we soon realized there was great demand for the products we were sourcing, and we quickly outgrew my little home office - first moving to one warehouse, then another, and then finally to where we are now... a 10,000 square foot warehouse space just minutes from home.

I can't do it all by myself, and luckily there's a staff of 'Lulus' that help run the show (Jena, Anna, Stevie, Melinda, Lisa, Jill, Pam, Suzanne, Tiffany, Mandy, and Gina) - all moms who leave work in time to get their kids off the bus. If you ever wondered why we keep strange business hours, it's because they match our school days!

Olivia was joined by a brother, Jack, in 2002 - and more recently by another brother, Gray, in 2012. All of the kids make appearances at the warehouse, because at our heart we're a family business.

Thank you for visiting.  I’m so glad you’re here.

xx, jessie