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Happy Things To Make Everyday A Celebration!

Pretty Party Basics: Tips For Frosting A Party Perfect Cake

Pretty Party Basics | How To Perfectly Frost A Cake | Meghan Splawn for The Sweet Lulu BlogLet’s be honest here – cake is just a vehicle for frosting. Now that we’ve baked up a couple of beautiful cake layers (or cupcakes) the real work of cake making begins. There are several types of cake frosting including French and Italian butter creams, meringue (often called 7-minute icing, and American style buttercream. American […] Continue reading

4th of July Sprinkle Fireworks

4th of July Sprinkle Fireworks | The Sweet Lulu BlogHere is what you are going to need: Festive Treat Bags Push Pops Sprinkles Scissors Double Stick Tape Step 1: Cut the bags into strips that fit neatly around the push pop Step 2: Stick a piece of double stick tape vertically onto a push pop container. Apply  a paper strip, wrap paper around the push-pop & […] Continue reading

A Mother’s Day Picnic & Portable Cocktails

Portable Handmade Picnic Cocktails | Meghan Splawn for The Sweet Lulu BlogMother’s Day Brunch is a really lovely idea, but as a mom with a young toddler, I’m looking for another way to celebrate this year. My Mother’s Day game plan this year: picnic and punches. Picnics are so much less stress than a formal brunch and its an easy way to include dads and kids […] Continue reading

Chocolate Stout Baked Donuts

Baked donuts are incredible easy to make and bake – though they do require a special pan. For along time I avoided buying one of these specialty pans, but after baking up my first batch of donuts I was so glad I did. The texture of these donuts falls somewhere between a cake and muffin […] Continue reading

Luster Dust Painted Cones

Luster Dust Painted Cones | The Sweet Lulu BlogHere is what you are going to need:  sugar cones  a teeny tiny dish & water  luster or pearl dust  food safe paint brush Directions: 1. Pick the color of luster or pearl dust that you want to use 2. Dump a small amount of luster/pearl dust into about a tablespoon of water. Keep adding […] Continue reading