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Happy Things To Make Everyday A Celebration!

May Day Seedling Kits

How To Host A Flower Party | The Party Craft | Seedling Starter Kits | The Sweet Lulu Blog  MAY DAY SEEDLING KITS   Step No. 1: DECORATE! Our blank egg cartons make a great canvas for little hands to create a work of art. We picked some of our favorite springy hues, and let them go to town! Anyone else love how these turned out?!?! Step No.2 : FILL Once the cartons […] Continue reading

Candy Flower Cupcake Toppers

How To Throw A Flower Themed Party | The Dessert | The Sweet Lulu BlogInspired by a project done by our friend Jodi Levine, these little candy cuties are something even little hands can help with. So look like you have party planning on lock, and make these easy DIY candy cupcake toppers for your next party or gathering. Candy Flower Cupcake Toppers   Here is what you will […] Continue reading