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Paper Fans | The Sweet Lulu Blog

So while all of our tissue paper decorations looked perfectly sweet in their nestled listings in the shop, where you could drop down and select your favorite color, I felt the need this past week to break them out of their hiding places and let their colors shine.

I started with the tissue fans.


Paper Fans | The Sweet Lulu Blog

And then I did the same thing to the tissue fringe.
And then the tissue balls.  By the way, have you seen the new *tiny* tissue balls??  We squeal every time we pack them in an order – at just 5 inches, what’s not to love? And finally, I organized the new crinkle paper shreds.

Now I just want to sit here and gaze at my computer screen, basking in the rainbow-hued loveliness.  Isn’t it all just so pretty?

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