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Turning 13 with Thirteen Tiny Presents | The Sweet Lulu Blog

Olivia is saving up for a real camera like her mama’s (bless her heart), so she really just wanted money for her birthday.  Instead of handing her an envelope of cash, I thought it would be fun to make her hunt for it, so I wrapped up 13 little boxes, each containing a clue and/or confetti and/or money.  I wrapped up each box just a little bit differently using products from the shop including washi tape, glitter tape, ribbons, balloons, a mini tissue ball – really anything I had on hand (although truth be told, we do have a LOT on hand in our craft room!).  I hid the boxes all around the house, and set the very first box on the kitchen counter, where she was sure to find it.

Turning 13 with Thirteen Tiny Presents | The Sweet Lulu Blog

The hardest part was figuring out where to hide each box to go with the clue – luckily, I made myself a little cheat sheet AND numbered the boxes.  Even still, I had to open them up and start over a couple of times!  But Olivia loved running around the house finding each little box.

Have you ever done a treasure hunt for your kids?  Tell us about it!

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