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Simple & Pretty Little Packages | Stevie Pattyn & Amanda Rydell | The Sweet Lulu Blog

We had the pleasure of co-hosting a craft workshop this past weekend with the EXTREMELY talented Amanda Rydell of BE CRAFTY. If you have never heard of Amanda or her workshops,  you are going to be super happy we introduced you to her. She is seriously a crafty genius! Her sweet vintage style, edible color palettes & dreamy photographs are sure to win you over in a heartbeat (can you tell we are a little bit obsessed with her?!)

As fate would have it, we ended up with a full day together after the workshop. Since it is not everyday that you have a master crafter in your presence,  we had to seize the opportunity to work on a project together.

One of our biggest focuses here on the Sweet Lulu Blog is simplicity. We strive to bring you realistic content…..simple (yet beautiful) projects that even the most un-crafty person can attempt and still  have successful results. With that in mind,  we thought we would put our crafty noggins together & come up with some simple, easy & oh-so pretty packaging  inspiration for you guys (I did I forget to mention that Amanda is the pretty packaging queen? Seriously, I kid you not, people.)

So here is what we started with…………

Simple & Pretty Little Packages | Stevie Pattyn & Amanda Rydell | The Sweet Lulu Blog


After a few cups of coffee/diet coke, some intense brainstorming and a couple rounds of  trial & error………….


Simple & Pretty Little Packages | Stevie Pattyn & Amanda Rydell | The Sweet Lulu Blog

Don’t worry, we squealed with excitement too when we saw the final shots!

See something you just HAVE to make?  We thought that might happen. Since we are always thinking ahead, we have listed the components that went into creating each darling little box.

1. Pink Bakery Box, White Circle Stickers (cut in half ) & Gold Twine

2. Gold Box & Yarn Pom

3. Gold Box & Yarn Pom

4. Mini Bakery Boxes, Mini Glitter Tape & Candles

5. Kraft Dot Favor Bag, Cupcake Liners & Glitter Letter Stickers

6. Macaron Box, Peachy Fancy Fringe, Gold Twine, Mini Glitter Letter

7. Blush Jewelry  Box  & Mini Circle Stickers

8. Orange Jewelry BoxGlitter Letter Stickers 

9. Pink Treat Bag,  Polkadot Washi Tape,  Dollhouse Honeycomb



Photography: Stevie Pattyn for Shop Sweet Lulu

Concept, Crafting & Styling: Stevie Pattyn for SSL & Amanda Rydell of BE CRAFTY

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