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Glanimal 4th Birthday Bash | The Sweet Lulu Blog


Up until this point, I have always been able to pick the girls’ party themes. Blonde Tornado wanted some input on her Palm Springs Pool Party this year, but was otherwise still willing to let me take the reigns. Brunette, however, changed things up on me this year. She pretty much TOLD me how her party was going down (did I mention she is my sassy child?).

It went a little something like this…………

Me: ” So, what do you want to do for your birthday this year?

Brunette: ” I want a glamorous animal party! a GLANIMAL PARTY! Isn’t that the cutest name, mama? Glanimal……I LOVE IT!”

Me: “So what is exactly is a glanimal party?”

Brunette: “Uh, it is AWESOME! I want the gold animals from Auntie’s wedding, and pink and orange and yellow and green everywhere….and sprinkles and party hats. Oh, and balloons too! And I want my friends to have their own cakes! And mint chip ice cream and pretty straws!!”

So that is exactly what we did. What can I say, I like a girl with a vision.


A "Glanimal" 4th Birthday | The Sweet Lulu Blog

As requested by the birthday girl, I had my mom ship us all the leftover gold spray painted wild animals from my sister’s wedding (by the way, remind me to share wedding pics with you guys! They are AMAZING) Since Brunette wanted party hats, I made some for the all kiddos , as well as some teeny tiny ones for the animals  (because, details).

Next, I rounded up some supplies from the shop in the birthday girl’s color pallet of choice. I am obsessed with the Meri Meri Scallopy Stripes Collection we carry, so of course I knew that those were the plates we were going to go with. Then I grabbed some of my favorite gold items, including the mini polka dot stickers I used to embellish that party hats I made.

A "Glanimal" 4th Birthday | The Sweet Lulu Blog

I miss the days when my gals were little and all you needed to throw a party was a cake and some balloons.  But, now that they are getting bigger, you really need to have some kind of activity. I killed two birds with one stone and created mini cake decorating kits for each child.  Every box included a gold animal topper, a package of sprinkles and two handmade flags.

This idea worked out brilliantly! Not only were the kits SUPER cute, but the kids loved having an individual cake that they got to customize (and it made one less thing for me to make!) And with the portion size being relatively small, no one went into sugar hysterics an hour later. WINNING!

A "Glanimal" 4th Birthday | The Sweet Lulu BlogA "Glanimal" 4th Birthday | The Sweet Lulu Blog

 We had such a great afternoon!


Table Decor: Scallopy Stripe Plates, Gold Scalloped Cups, Fancy Wood Cutlery, Lime Stripey Straws, Honey Comb Tissue Balls, Mini Polkadot Stickers (used on handmade party hats)

Mini Cake Decorating Kits: Macaron Boxes, Party Favor Animals (spray painted gold by me), Treat Sticks.

Birthday Cake: Pink Milk Glass Cake Stand, Gold Celebration Candles

Styling & Photography: Stevie Pattyn for the Sweet Lulu Blog.


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