Custom Gold Foil Phrase Banner available at Shop Sweet Lulu

Custom Gold Foil Phrase Banner

Custom $20.00

This custom gold foil banner will make a fabulous decoration for a birthday party, baby shower, children's bedroom, strung across a bookshelf or above a serving table, for extra flair in the playroom, or to simply say XOXO. Due to the custom nature of this product, please allow an extra day to process your order.

This banner features 5" custom letters cut from premium shiny foil cardstock, punched with holes, and strung on bakers twine.

English all-caps alphabet (letters A-Z), Numbers 0-9, and the character '&' are available. Commas, exclamation points, hashtags, and periods are not available (because they can't be strung from the top).

Enter your phrase below - up to 15 characters (don't use spaces).  Please make sure to double check your spelling.   If your phrase won't fit in the text box, you will need to order a second banner.