Holiday Petite Necklace, Clementine

Holiday Petite Necklace, Clementine

Coral and Cloud $26.00

So perfect for cozy Christmas/holiday outfits, this combo of gold, peach, red, and mustard yellow is sure to add a gorgeous pop of colour!

This is a fun, vibrant necklace made of a mix of geometric and round wooden beads hand painted with 3-5+ coats of acrylic paint and finished with a non-toxic sealer. Bead size ranges from 12mm-16mm. *If you are serious about purchasing but are unsure about the exact colour of the bead colours due to potential computer monitor differences, please contact me for more info.*

The necklace string is made from upcycled cotton from tshirt yarn and is designed around this fun abstract string.

** For safety, recommended age is 3+. Children should always be supervised when wearing necklaces, and should never wear them when sleeping. This necklace is water resistant, but not waterproof. Not a teething necklace. **

Handcrafted by Coral + Cloud

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